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VEX Robotics Classes

Each student is different. We customize the curriculum for each student and present them with projects that keep them challenged as well as giving the students many learning opportunities.


RobotiX Institute offers various VEX robotic courses that are designed to open up your child to the latest developments going on in the world of technology and robotics.

Program Code: RIV101
Duration: 6 Months to 1 Year

  • Ages 8-12 - Young Inventor (VEX IQ)

  • Ages 12 above - Advanced Inventor (VEX V5)

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Young Inventor (VEX IQ) - Elementary/Middle School

VEX IQ: Hands-on, minds on! VEX IQ is a programmable, snap-together, robotics system. Watch code come alive on a physical robot and learn key STEM skills that easily transition into the real world.

VEX IQ Construction System:The VEX IQ system includes plastic, snap-together pieces designed specifically for the dexterity for young hands. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional as students continue to learn

Coding for All Ages: VEXcode is a coding environment with an intuitive layout that meets students at their coding level. VEXcode is consistent across Blocks and Text, across VEX IQ and VEX V5, allowing them to focus on creating with technology, rather than navigating a new layout as they progress.

Classroom to Competition: In the VEX IQ Challenge teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play with other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more.

Advanced Inventor (VEX V5) - Middle School/High School

VEX V5: EX V5 is a STEM learning system designed to develop crucial problem-solving skills and computational thinking that will serve students through grade school and beyond.

VEX V5 Construction and Control System:VEX V5 is a metal-based robotics platform with bolt-together pieces that are machinable to create any mechanism. Students can begin at any level and move to more advanced engineering concepts as they explore and challenge their robotic designs and programs. The VEX V5 Brain enables wireless driving and wireless programming while the V5 Controller provides users with instant feedback from the Robot Brain.

VEXcode and 21st century skills: VEX V5 can be coded using VEXcode, a coding environment that provides students with an authentic programming experience and enables their VEX robots to become an engine of invention. Students use the same tools and programming languages that professionals use every day. With VEXcode, students acquire workforce readiness, and develop their identity as a programmer.

VEX Robotics Competition: VEX Robotics Competitions ignite the competitive spirit! Every year, a new VRC game is introduced and this year’s game is called CHANGE UP. In preparation for competition, teams machine a robot that can excel within the game’s rules and regulations to score as many points as possible. Competitions are held across the country and culminate at the VEX Robotics World Championship in April!

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We train these kids, keeping in mind, ever-growing societal needs and rapid technological advancements taking place across the globe. Our programs are created to enhance thinking and reasoning capabilities of young minds along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics capability. This is also called STEM and most importantly, these programs are not limited to just classrooms.
Teachers and students engage in meaningful learning, discussions and research work in such a manner that learning becomes a pleasurable experience for them. Keeping kid’s curiosity and learning capabilities in mind, we have designed our curriculum around VEX IQ platform for elementary and middle school students. For more information and getting your queries answered, please give a call or simply drop your question via E-Mail.

Robotics Programming

Technological innovations are getting more and more frequent with every coming day and hence, there is an immediate need that students learn the basics and fundamentals of computer programming. Therefore, we herein introduce a very simple, easy and innovative way to engage in learning.
In a graphical programming environment developed specifically for VEX IQ, kids will be taught on a highly researched STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) pattern.
They can learn to write programs for the software robot as well as simulate the software robot. They will also learn scratch programming and basic math fundamentals through programming & gaming along with drag & drop based software to learn programming easily.
With this kind of knowledge, they will become capable of developing their own computer games using Scratch programming.

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